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  1. Great site! We will be praying for you and the business. If you need a distributor here in Colorado, let us know we would love to help you out. That stuff would sale like hot cakes out here. Maybe the kids could earn a little extra cash.

  2. This is awesome!! Congrats on your business! I will be praying for your family and adventures in helping others in such a fabulous way. Would love to be on a mailing list if you have one. Although I’m not too close to home, I see my family quite often and would love to purchase produce from you!

  3. Angie ~ you have put some much effort into this wonderful website. What a blessing it is to call you “my daughter”. Love you, Mom

  4. Purchased 1/2 a hog recently and I have to say I am so glad I did. This is the flavor I grew up with from my Uncle’s farm hogs. The flavor is beyond words. I have been disgusted with the pork in the stores for ever. My kids wouldn’t eat it anymore because the smell and taste is just gross…and this is what we have been missing out on! Every meal has been fantastic and grilling the chops…oooooh my…. better than steak! I am glad I found your website! You have been fantastic on running me through the whole process making it easy as this was my first time buying in this manner. Also, thank you for recommending Brainard Meat. They did a wonderful job and what a super nice man he is! Thank you and I will be contacting you for MORE?

  5. I am addicted to your soap and now I must have some more of the sausage I gobbled up when we purchased half a hog a while back. I can’t wait to have some sausage for breakfast again soon! All of the pork was delicious and I am so thankful for the flavor AND that it doesn’t upset my stomach like some pork I’ve had that is raised conventionally. Thank you for all you do!

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