Pork Processing Prices Explained

As of today we have only used three meat processing lockers in our area: Aurora, Brainard, and Wahoo. Their prices as of spring 2017 are below with a comparison example of approximate costs for each locker based on 150 pounds hanging/processed weight at the end of this post. By far our favorite locker is the Aurora Meat Block in Aurora Nebraska, because they use an old-fashioned, more natural cure and their sausage seasoning is MSG free. That has been hard to find in Nebraska. Continue reading “Pork Processing Prices Explained”

Family Traditions

By Angie Mentink

A Thanksgiving tradition that our family embraced several years ago is to take the day before Thanksgiving off of school and prepare food for the next day. I relish this time with our children working side by side in the kitchen, listening to music, and thinking of the great food that will be enjoyed by many, along with the numerous undeserved blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us. Continue reading “Family Traditions”

Gathering in the Harvest and Baby Number 7 Arrives!

By Angie Mentink

We enjoyed a leisurely walk to the dam on Sunday afternoon. After about an hour of visiting, skipping rocks, relaxing, soaking up the sun, and taking advantage of the pleasant temperatures a strong north wind began to blow. We decided we better head home quickly. As we were walking briskly, watching the leaves whirling far distances from the trees, it occurred to all of us that winter was near. The summer flew by faster than any summer in the past and none of us feel ready for the cooler temperatures. The kids do Continue reading “Gathering in the Harvest and Baby Number 7 Arrives!”

Summertime on the Farm

By Alena Mentink

Inside our house, everything is cool and quiet. The shades are pulled down, the fans are swirling, and only a couple of lights are on. Although we rarely run the air conditioner, by blocking the sun and keeping the air moving with the help of a few fans, the house stays nice and cool (at least by our standards). However, as soon as we step outside the door, we realize that summer is indeed here. Continue reading “Summertime on the Farm”

Spring Planning

By Angie Mentink

Today as the snow covers the ground again and the temperatures are frigid, it’s hard to think that spring is almost here. Outside chores were done as efficiently as possible and the wood is being added to the stove at higher frequencies. We enjoy extra reading time on these cold days. We have experienced extreme temperature changes in the last several weeks. Continue reading “Spring Planning”

Early Signs of Spring

By Alena Mentink

With a beautiful, warm break from the icy winter weather, we enjoyed spending extra time outside.The warm spell lasted for almost two weeks, and everyone made the most of this time. The boys pulled out their fishing poles and headed down to the dam to try to catch some fish. Although they were unable to catch any fish, they were able to find some water bugs to take home, and they did see a few small fish. Kailey has spent time working with her two horses. On most nice afternoons she can be seen carrying a rope and brushes across the paddocks. Mom, Kailey, Annika, Asher, and I have also taken several walks down to the dam. Although the migrating geese generally leave as soon as they spot us, we can generally watch them from a distance. Continue reading “Early Signs of Spring”

Dry Ranch Seasoning Mix

When we ditched MSG laden products I was desperate for a ranch dressing. After many months and countless failed attempts I found a ranch seasoning mix that I love even more than the store ranch I used to adore! What makes this recipe great is the organic spices I buy from Azure Standard. There is a remarkable difference in the flavor and I don’t patronize the commercial, irradiated spice market. Continue reading “Dry Ranch Seasoning Mix”

A Taste of Spring

By Kailey Mentink,

What beautiful weather for the beginning of February! The weather is surprisingly warm and the geese have begun to fly. The unexpected weather gave us opportunity to clean up around the farm. At the end of January, we had a pig go into the locker at Brainard. After it was processed, we enjoyed sausage patties for supper. We were astounded at the marvelous flavor of the pork! The lard was a wonderful treat as well. Mom fried some homemade potato chips with dry ranch seasoning mix. The ranch seasoning gives the chips so much flavor! Continue reading “A Taste of Spring”

Winter Days on the Farm

As the winter days slide past us here on the farm, our days have settled into a routine. We have been taking advantage of the colder weather by working hard on school and doing extra when we can. It is a lot easier to work on school in the house, and everyone has enjoyed being able to spread out. In the afternoon, we spend time outside after reading. Continue reading “Winter Days on the Farm”