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About our Family

Welcome to Mentink Family Farms! We are Cory and Angie Mentink. We have seven children: Alena, Kailey, Caleb, Aiden, Annika, Asher, and Abigail. We are a Christian family and we homeschool, raise a wide variety of animals, and we grow and make a lot of our food from scratch. We make most of our skin care and cleaning products too. My husband has a full-time job working with computers and I worked as a Registered Nurse before staying home with our children. Our kids are one of our greatest blessings after our marriage. They love growing up on the farm, playing together, reading, learning new skills, helping in the kitchen, and helping with the animals. We couldn’t ask for a better team to work and have fun with!  Cory and I enjoy spending time as a family, reading, fellowship with other believers, and living a simpler lifestyle. We love to learn new skills, experiment with new ideas, and keep striving to find a better more efficient way of doing things. Our journey with real food and homemade skin care started about 2008 after a Nourishing Traditions class. We started examining what we were eating and putting on our skin and this began a slow conversion to the lifestyle we are enjoying today.

About Our Natural Skin Care Business

We started making soap back in 2011 for our family. We loved the soap and started giving it as gifts and sharing it with anyone that wanted to try it. They loved the soap too and requested to buy it. We weren’t sure about having a business, but we appreciated hearing the stories of how it was helping people with cracked/bleeding hands, eczema, and dry skin, and they loved knowing what they were putting on their bodies. We started making additional skin care items for ourselves and found that people loved these too. Because of the encouragement of friends and family, and our desire to help people attain more natural products, our business, Mentink Family Farms, developed. Our primary purpose is to honor and glorify God in all we do and to be a blessing to others through our business.

Our Beyond Organic Farm

We are blessed to be the third generation living on 35 acres outside of Stromsburg, Nebraska. At the beginning of our marriage we both thought we would never farm! That same year, about 2002, we planted our first unsuccessful garden. We didn’t give up and each year it got better. We loved knowing what we were eating and especially the flavor of our own food. In a quest to add more clean food, we added chickens in about 2007. After this, God really changed our hearts about farming and put a love for it on our hearts. We started growing more food in our beyond organic garden and slowly adding more animals to raise for ourselves. We now have two family milk cows: Candice and May,  calves, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, Berkshire hogs, and two horses (for fun). We are very excited about our purchase of registered Katahdin sheep. Lord willing, we plan to continue growing our small herd and have started selling meat.

Due to deceitful labeling laws we believe the only way to know what we are eating or putting on our skin is to do most of it ourselves and buy locally.  As people see how we are growing and raising our own food, we have had a lot of requests to sell these products too.  We continue to pray about how we can bless more people with these same products, and with our move from 4 acres to 35 acres, we now have extra to sell. We are working toward raising even more animals in a rotational pasture based system, including Berkshire pigs, grass-fed beef, and Katahdin sheep. We are hoping to have extra duck and chicken eggs available in the near future. We are growing our treatment free bee hives as well as integrating permaculture design into our gardens and orchards. We have been working for the last 14 years to avoid all chemicals, including on our yard. We will continue to practice this same principle.  Our goal is to raise superior, beyond organic products, while improving our land, at the best price we can without sacrificing quality. We will also be transparent in all we do. We are growing our business slowly with no debt in order to keep our prices down and to not be a slave to a debtor. Thanks for visiting our website! Check back often to see what we are doing at the farm!

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